Breakthrough RADAR Technology for the Counter-UAS and UTM Mission

Technology innovation through international partnership

The drone economy is here

Life is Being Transformed by Drones

Huge investments are enabling rapid transformation and development of a drone economy.

However… drones have also created a serious security threat.

Perimeter protection is compromised by the drone threat from above

  • Facility security can be breached by simple amateur drones
  • Drones designated a serious security threat by US Government agencies (FAA, DoD and DHS)
  • Significant impact on business and military operations: Saudi Arabia ARAMCO attack, Gatwick Airport, Nagorno-Karabakh war, Worldwide Nuclear Plant incursions
  • Dedicated counter-drone (C-UAS) solutions are urgently needed
  • Drone detection systems will soon become an integral part of all commercial/defence security systems

When a tragic drone event occurs, it will ignite the worldwide market for drone security systems

SVR is our solution

Spherical View Radar (SVR) is cutting edge tech to counter the malicious use of drones and enable the safe development of the drone economy. Breakthrough technology for the Counter-UAS and UTM Mission. Currently in development, available early 2023.

What makes SVR a superior technology?

Only Radar on the market with true real-time spherical coverage

Can be networked to cover a wide area and eliminate blind spots

Key element of any Counter UAS system

Highest likelihood of UAS detection and tracking

Turnkey solution to detect and track drone attacks

Affordable, compact and easy to operate

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What does SVR do for you?

SVR tells you if, when, and how drones are threatening your security

  • You need to know if you are under attack
  • You need to know if someone is taking photos
  • You need to know if someone is collecting intel or dropping a surveillance package
  • You need to know if contraband is being delivered into your area (such as a prison)
  • You need to know the precise location of intruder drones in real time in order to take action
  • You need to know this for drones that are small, silent and emit no radio signals
  • You need to know this 24/7 in all weather conditions in 3D for every corner of your site

SVR is the only solution that does it all

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John Isella

An aerospace and defence systems engineer with over 40 years’ experience of management, business development, engineering design and systems integration, John has managed large analytical teams for US national security and space programs, including as Senior Technical Advisor to NASA

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Karl Baker

An aerospace engineer with over 35 years of experience in management, business development, sales and technical roles. Karl has played a key role in many of the world’s most significant space programs and led major US Government information technology procurements

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Jeff Campbell

Contract and Compliance Manager with over 36 years of contracts experience with USG and commercial customers, including export compliance programs development and implementation

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