Karl Baker

For over 35 years, Karl has held corporate leadership positions in management, business development, sales and technical roles. He has deep technical expertise with highly complex systems and has played a key role is some of the World’s largest most complex projects.

Karl played a key role in several multi-billion-dollar commercial projects providing independent technical due diligence, management and business development support. Specifically, he has technical diligence responsibility for over $20 Billion in commercial programs.

In the past Karl led technical teams that successfully resolved many of the satellite industry's most difficult spacecraft anomalies. He also established a successful record leading teams providing technical expert support for major space related litigation/arbitration cases. Karl also led three +$20 mm US Department of Justice Information Technology procurements.

Karl helped develop and built, as program manager, many early commercial satellite deployable radiators. He has three energy conversion related patents and was NASA Inventor of the year in 1992. He has a Masters of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cleveland State University. Karl is based in the Washington DC Metro area.